For the comfort of both our guests and our cats, we limit the number of guests in the Kitty Kingdom to 16 at a time.

Reservations are highly recommended for weekends and holidays. Our busiest times are typically Saturday & Sunday 10:30AM - 4:30PM. 

To reserve your spot, click on the calendar , and select the preferred time for your 45 minute reservation.  The cost is $10/person except children under 1 year of age are free.

Please arrive ten minutes prior to your reservation time.  Any guest arriving more than ten minutes late for their reservation may lose their spot.

Don't have a reservation? Not a problem!  We have 4 walk in spots available at all times.

Drinks & snacks can be taken in to the Kitty Kingdom as long as the drinks have a lid, and they are not left unattended for our curious kitties to discover.

If you have a question or need to change or cancel your reservation, please email and we can help.

As there are only 12 spots available for reservation, guests can only select up to the remaining number of spots left.  If your party exceeds the amount of reserved spots, we are unable to guarantee a kitty visit for your whole party, and recommend booking at a different time to secure your visit.


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All times are in Mountain Standard time.

Kitty Visitation Rules

For the safety and comfort of both you and our resident kitties, guests must adhere to the following rules during their visit:

  1. Before entering the Kitty Kingdom, please wash your hands.
  2. Children 10 and under must be supervised by an adult present in the Kitty Kingdom.
  3. No loud noises please. Cats are quiet creatures, and appreciate a calm atmosphere.
  4. Do not chase the cats or pull their tails.  Trust us, they do not like this!
  5. Do not pick up the cats, let them come to you.  All cats are different, and some do not like being picked up or carried.
  6. Be cautious when petting the cats. Keep your petting to the cat’s head and upper body in short intervals. Refrain from touching their stomach and back end no matter what they tell you!
  7.  Please turn off your flash when taking photos.  Bright flashes may startle the cats.
  8. Do not share your food or drink with the cats.  They are trying to watch their figures.
  9. Above all, please use common sense.  Guests not adhering to these rules will be asked to leave for the safety of our cats.